Where can you have a nice holiday in September, October or November? In this blog I will tell you 7 dreamy autumn travel destinations for Europe and further afield. Whether beach holiday or city trip, warm or cheap. There are also some insider tips from the locals.

Great Holiday Destinations in Autumn

Many city trips within Europe are more pleasant in autumn than in the sweltering heat of midsummer.

Or would you rather experience a beach holiday during the autumn holidays, with empty beaches and cheaper prices than in the high season? Or explore exotic long-distance destinations?

The Top 7 Fall Travel Destinations

1) Cyclades - Greek Islands in White-Blue

Cyclades - Greek Islands

The colors of the Cyclades are so beautiful: white buildings with blue roofs, green palm trees and pink flowers. What I also love: the nice people, the delicious food, swimming in the sea or boat tours.

My absolute favorite of the five islands is Paros, which is quieter and cheaper than famous Santorini. My least favorite was Mykonos because the island was extremely expensive and the locals weren't that friendly.

2) Canaries, Spain - the Islands of Eternal Spring

Canaries, Spain

The Canary Islands belong to Spain and lie off the west coast of Africa. There I really liked the volcanoes, the black beaches and the lava pools. You can stargaze or go hiking there.

You want to discover hidden places? Here in the blog, a local reveals his Tenerife Insider tips.

3) Balearic Islands with Mallorca and Ibiza

Balearic Islands

The city of Palma, beautiful beaches, best for vacation and great food make him so attractive destination place - I'm a fan now!

The island is considered a party stronghold. If you wanna be relax with your life partner than Mallorca is best destination. You can look at beaches, visited hippie markets and went to beach bars in the evenings.

4) City trip to Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

Rome is a brilliant fall holiday destination! Then it's not quite as hot there and there are fewer visitors. And when you go on vacation in October you can still experience up to 22 degrees, so very pleasant.

I love Italy's capital. There is so much to see, experience and taste.

My favorite sight in Rome is definitely the Colosseum . In its heyday it could accommodate more than 50,000 spectators who watched gladiator competitions. A great motif for souvenir photos and Instagram!

Besides the sights, highlight in Rome is the food. You can also find vegetarian or vegan pizza, pasta and tiramisu there.

5) Lisbon, Portugal - Cheap City Break

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, the beauty on seven hills, is one of my favorite cities! What I like about Portugal's capital is that it’s not quite as crowded as Barcelona, ​​for example, is fairly cheap and has great food.

With a blue sky and sun, you can see at the old town, the river Tajo and sights such as the Torre de Belem.

Where is the best places to stay in Lisbon? You can check multiple website and hotels on search engine, you may easily get the best one. I recommended to you to visit in Torel Palace Lisbon, Pal├ício Ludovice Wine Experience Hotel and rest you can check on search engine.

6) Long Distance Trip to Bali (Indonesia)


Unusually for me as a beach fan, I am usually drawn to Ubud in the interior of the island. Here I relax by the pool, visit the great cafes and restaurants (many also with vegetarian or vegan food), go to yoga and wellness treatments .

The dry season and thus also the main travel season is from April to October.

7) Australia - Dreamlike Long-Distance Travel Destination


In my favorite Australian cities, Melbourne and Sydney, the seasons are the opposite of ours. In our autumn, spring is slowly coming there.

Or are you drawn to subtropical to tropical Queensland with highlights such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands? Alternatively to the “Red Centre” with Uluru or Ayers Rock?

With Get your Guide you can book a day tour along the Great Ocean Road trip from Melbourne. The road offers fantastic views of surfing beaches, rock formations in the sea, rainforest, koalas and, with a bit of luck, kangaroos. I also really like Sydney with the Opera House, Harbor Bridge, lots of beaches and cute cafes.

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