FM WhatsApp Download Latest Versions 2022

Privacy and security are among the biggest concerns when it comes to using social media or messaging applications on your smartphones. We use these messaging applications for various purposes including personal and professional works. If in any case, our data is to leak from these applications, that would create a very problematic situation. Modded applications are getting more and more popular in the market due to their offered features and the latest version of FmWhatsApp is out in the market.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications being used for both personal and professional purposes alike. But the app does not provide many features and various developers have made modified versions to overcome this. FM WhatsApp is the most popular modified version of WhatsApp that provides many features and security options to keep all your data safe. Today, we’ll talk about Fm WhatsApp APK download and the various features it provides.

How to Download FM WhatsApp?

Keeping all your chats and data protected is very important and it is not easy nowadays. Many developers have tried modding various versions of social media applications but it is easy. Down below we have listed all the steps to download and install FM WhatsApp APK on your android devices.

1.      The first and most important thing to do before installing FM WhatsApp is to back up all your chats and media from the official WhatsApp application. Follow the following steps to easily take the backup of all your chats.

·      Open the official WhatsApp application and open the menu by tapping on the three dots on the right top of your screen.

·      Choose Settings.

·      Open the option indicating chats.

·      Tap on the option “Chat Backup”.

·      Tap the backup button and it will be saved on your cloud storage.

2.      Enable the option of installing applications from “Unknown Sources” before you start the whole installation process. Follow the instructions given below to enable this option and install the APK file on your device:

·      Go to Settings.

·      Open the Security Settings.

·      Enable “Unknown Sources”.

3.      After you perform the FmWhatsApp Download by tapping clicking on the download button given, go to your file manager and find the downloads folder in your storage.

4.      Click on the downloaded APK file from the folder to start the installation process.

5.      Tap on the “Install” button that pops up after you open the APK file.

6.      It will take a few seconds to complete the whole installation process and you will be notified that the installation is complete after it is done.

7.      After the Fm WhatsApp Latest Version, is installed on your android device, launch the application.

8.      After you launch the application, it will ask you to accept its privacy policy and terms and conditions. To continue and login on the application, tap on “Agree and Continue”.

9.      Enter your registered mobile number and select the “Copy WhatsApp Data” option.

10. After following all the steps mentioned above, your installation process is complete and all your data has been restored.

11. By tapping on the Menu button, you will find all the Mods option the application offers.

All and New Features of FM WhatsApp Latest Version

The demand to get new and more features in an application made the business of developing modded applications successful. It is the same with the messaging app, WhatsApp. The latest FM WhatsApp Update has all its previous features and has improved their functioning and increased the security features. The following are the most popular features that the application offers right now:

·       Hide Your Last Seen: If you are using the official version of WhatsApp, you must know that it allows you to hide your last seen but also prevents you from seeing others’ last seen. Due to this latest Fm whatsapp update, you can hide your last seen details while you can see others’ last seen easily.

·       Hide Status View: With the FM WhatsApp APK, you can hide your name when you view someone’s status. This feature will prevent your name from showing up in the list of people who viewed someone’s status.

·       Prevent Delivered and Blue Ticks: With this feature, anyone who messages you will not see double or blue tick unless you reply to them even if you see their message.

·       Message Without Saving Numbers: By using the FM WhatsApp Latest Version, you can message any number without saving them in your contact list. It helps a lot when you need to contact customer care or some random person for any reason.

·       Anti-Delete Message and Status: It is irritating when you see that someone deletes a message after sending it to you. By enabling this feature, you can see every message even after your contact deletes it. Also, all statuses will be visible even after your contact deletes them.

Final Verdict

So now that we have told you about the latest version of Fm WhatsApp APK 2022 and its features, you can decide if you want to download it or not. It is sure that the features the application provides are very tempting and with its increased security and privacy, you can rest assured that it will keep all your data safe.

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